It takes a village to raise a child

However, in the fourth industrial revolution we need a digitally aware and conscious village to raise digital natives.


Ideated in 2020, Tip Tech Toe hopes to nurture communities that are empowered to raise digital natives from all walks of life.


Tip Tech Toe believes that by working with 4 key stakeholders – children, parents, teachers and schools, this vision can be accomplished.


Tip Tech Toe is backed by the experience of the founder, Maitreyee Manglurkar who started teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship at a school in 2018. Through three years of teaching this subject she began to understand the scope and importance of it. This understanding led to the making of a context-sensitive Digital Literacy and Citizenship programme.


The workshop modules offered under Tip Tech Toe are aligned with* UNICEF’s vision for Digital Literacy as published in August 2019.


*Tip Tech Toe does not claim to be associated with UNICEF in any capacity.

Some of the key insights from the report which align with Tip Tech Toe's vision and mission are listed below
Digital Literacy goes beyond technical skills
Tools to develop and assess digital literacy are proliferating
Children need to be digitally literate even when they are not online
Yet most existing tools place little emphasis on children
Digital Literacy is a growing part of any approach to skills development
Digital Literacy programmes should be context-driven
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